Sunday, May 17, 2015

I'm really not good at keeping up the updates...

So the last treatment was much better than the first in some ways. Using the anti-nausea med, I was able to keep that queasy/burny feeling to a minimum and this allowed me to actually eat on Thursday. (I ate on Wednesday, too, but last time I barely munched my way through some cucumbers on both days).

Got my pump removed Thursday and was happy to report that the doxicycline seems to be doing the trick. Well, sorta. I still have a lot of red, acne like rashes all over my face, but the scalp pain has diminished and the white heads are minimal. I'm washing with hibiclens and baby shampoo-ing my head. My hair looks limp but clean. And it's thinner already, but not yet falling out.

So some of the chemo causes constipation and some of it causes diarrhea. This is so much fun, I can't even tell you. As my friend would say, "your starfish is very, very angry!" Baby wipes are a staple in this household because we use them to wipe our dog's butt after she goes and to clean her paws. She sleeps on our beds and pillows and wherever the hell she wants, so we make sure she's clean.

Thank god for baby wipes.

On my doctor's recommendation, I'm taking a Super B complex vitamin, Methyl B12, and vitamin D3. I think this helps with my energy levels a ton! And my urine looks radioactive. (You can start singing the Imagine Dragons song, it's okay.)

Round 3 is this Tuesday through Thursday! After that, 9 more to go for the 6 month mark. And 3 more to go before we do a new image. I'm hoping the images are SPECTACULAR. :)