Monday, May 30, 2016

Back on the Chemo Wagon starting June 7th

MRIs both  came back totally clear. No evidence of disease. WHEEE!
Blood work? Not so much.

Nipping this shit in the bud. Going back on FOLFOX with Vectibix, starting June 7th. Oncologist says we'll do a shorter spell, maybe 4-4.5 months provided that my CEA goes down consistently and stays down. While spikes are normal, the steady increase and then large spike indicates my metastatic cancer cells and are having a party and looking for somewhere to land. I DON'T THINK SO, YOU LITTLE FUCKERS.

Have you ever competed in martial arts or boxing or something like that? That's how I feel right now. On deck. Bouncing on my toes, taking a few practice swings and kicks, dodging, blocking, getting all amped up. It's time to fight harder and kick cancer in the balls!

My port is a little bastard. It worked fine from last July through February, but started acting up again and not flowing without a little cathflow in March, April, and again this month. So we just scheduled a cathflow appointment for some bloodwork and get it ready to WORK next week. Don't fuck with me, port. I'll have your ass removed and another one popped in. Psht. Behave.

Stage IV Schmage IV. I just spent the last two weeks slurping icy cold drinks, eating ice cream, and spending time with my niecelette, brother, and sister in law. Staying up late, and doing everything chemo prevents me from doing as long and as well as I like. My AC is cranked down, I got a Ninja Nutri Pro and am ready to drink my veggies and fruits, my arms are up, my body is in a fighting stance, I'm ready!