Sunday, June 5, 2016

Delays Delays Delays

So the port is being a fussy little shit. It's not giving a return. At first, I was quite annoyed and decided if a dye study shows it's taking the drugs, then let's just move ahead.

Then I did some more reading online and talked to my nurse friends.

Yeah, let's not do that. Hospital was to call me Thursday or Friday for a dye study. They didn't. Chemo to start Tuesday. I'm cancelling it.

I want my port to work as intended. It should take AND give. The last thing I want is some microscopic unseen hole in the cath and chemo leaking all over the place inside. That sounds horrid.


So I'll call my oncologist tomorrow and let them know that 1)hospital hasn't called and 2) while I do NOT want surgery again, I'd rather choose that option.

Nothing is EVER simple. But hey, that's okay. A few more weeks of swimming in cold water, drinking the icy drinks, and then can proceed to kicking cancer's ass!