Saturday, March 18, 2017

Update - March 2017

I don't type here nearly enough. I meant to chronicle the whole thing, but then thought...why? Who reads this shit other than me? And why would I want people to read it? I'm living it. I don't need to chronicle the every day. And believe me there is a lot that happens, even during chemo holiday that I could be chronicling.  lol And yet here I am, writing an entry.

So at the end of my last round of chemo in October, they did a MRI and found a "mass the size of a golfball on your liver." I was a little upset to say the least at this is at the END of  chemo. I requested a second opinion and am going to Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, MA now.

That mass is non-cancerous, mild fatty liver deposit. So yay! I just had another CT and that was fine, chest through pelvis. I do have 2 metastases on my liver, but they are unchanged from January of last year and not showing up on the CT anyway. They only showed up on the MRI.

My period is a hot mess. Every two weeks with spotting inbetween. This is cause for concern has I have a family history of uterine cancer, endometriosis, etc. I went into my appointment asking for a full scale hysterectomy. Take it all, I said, uterus, tubes, ovaries, cervix. ALL OF IT.

First things first - genetics, gynecology, another intravaginal ultrasound, etc. So I have a lot of testing and appointments over the next couple of weeks to see what is going on. My oncologist proposed that since my liver metastases was to the outside of my liver (perio something latin), it's possible that I had more deposit in my fallopian tubes where they're happily thriving in a rich blood environment and this could be my problem with my rising CEA (oh yeah, that went up again. It's going up in little bits consistently...I'm now over a 5.0 /sigh).

Again, I say, take it all.

  1. Family history 
  2. I don't want children anyway 
  3. If I were to be pregnant, it'd be considered geriatric pregnancy considering my age 
  4. Prevent more cancers. 
And so now we wait. For more testing and diagnostics and to see what is what.  

#stageIVschmageIV #Iwillwin #fuckcancer