Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Port Issues

So chemo has been going nice and steady, with the exception that EVERY SINGLE TREATMENT, my port acts up and doesn't give a blood return immediately. This means I sit there for 1-2 hours, trying new positions, sitting with "drano" (not really, it's altepase or something like that), waiting for my port to work.

Last scheduled treatment would've been #6, but my onc nurse was on vacation and the replacement wasn't comfortable giving me my treatment. Instead, I'm now scheduled for surgery on Thursday, July 9th to fix my port.

Le sigh.

And that surgery won't be done by my surgeon because he is on vacation; instead, I get one of his colleagues, whom I'm sure is just as amazing, it's just that I was shuffled from my surgeon to one colleague and then to another. That makes me uncomfortable. But hey, what are you gonna do?

MRI tonight to see the progress. CEA numbers are looking good. We went from heavily in the black to gray area to now in the white aka normal ranges. Let's keep kicking cancer's ass and get me a good 30 years!