Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Scan, scan, and scan back to work and CHEMO!

I went for my post surgery check up and got those staples out. And then I got to meet my oncologist. I'm really happy with my team of doctors. They all communicate with one another really well and they also communicate with me well.

I now have a primary care physician, a Nurse Practitioner, a surgeon, an endocrinologist (I'm also diabetic), and my oncologist. Plus nutritionists and CDE RN should I need it.

I had to get all three scans. We started with a CT and then two weeks later, followed it up with an MRI and a PET.

CT didn't show squat which is good and bad. Good because it's too small. Bad because we know it's there from the biopsies and from the surgeon and we need a baseline to measure against before starting chemo.

PET was nearly undiagnostic, but did show it a bit.

MRI was the hammer that showed us a vague picture of what we're looking at. Take all three together combined with CEA and blood work and BAM! I can do chemo.


Back to work on 4/16/2015 and right back into the saddle of things. Got my schedule adjusted by my boss to make it easier on me to make chemo appointments, blood work appointments, etc. I'm really lucky to have such an understanding boss, supervisors, and coworkers. It's a great place to work


So, I have to brag a bit. I have this really amazing group of friends who all got together and set me up with a "fight bag." I have oils, queasy drops, hats, pillow, blankets, healing crystals, jewelry, water bottles, you name it, I got it. I was so well prepared the nurse actually asked me if I had had cancer before. I said, nah...I just got an amazing bunch of friends who take care of me! That's me sporting my neck pillow. As comfy as that recliner was, the neck pillow was a must. So far, no need for the Frogg Togg, but possibly soon.

First chemo was 4/21/2015. I was there from 9am to 2:30pm. Normally, it won't be that long, but I had stuff to learn about, papers to fill out, medicines to be measured etc. I got to look out over the little memorial park and watch the traffic and trains plug on by.

This is the semi-private suite you get. It's open to the walkway, but I don't have to sit with any other patients. And look...they even feed you lunch!

Plus, look! Get cancer, and at your first treatment, you get this lovely cookbook free! Thanks to Merck :) The recipes are actually tasty looking and really easy to prepare. Can't wait to make some of them

The drip itself was fine. I was given a benadryl to go with ... I don't remember. But it made me drowsy and I knocked out for an hour or so. But man, did I have to pee often. The suite is calming and comfy. But I was up nearly every 40 minutes to pee. This is how I was rocking chemo for a little bit before I took the sunglasses off. Gotta bring some brightness to a crappy thing, right? Awesome glasses brought to me by my friend, Amy, who is one of the sweetest, most genuine people in the world.

At the end of the visit, I got to  come home with my pump. I'm calling him my 48 hour buddy. A friend has recommended I call him Greg who is my stepping stone to Ned (No Evidence of Disease). I like this. Greg it is!

So far, just really tired. A little queasy/off feeling. Just blaaaaaaaaah. I get the pump off tomorrow and hope I feel normal for a week and a half before going back.

I'm doing okay at work. Or at least I think I did! And now...I'm definitely going to pass out. I'm pushing it as it is and I can feel it. :)

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