Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Side Effects

So I was warned about possible side effects from the FOLFOX and the Vectibix. The acne like rash? Yeah, it hurts. It is SO goddamned painful, especially on my scalp. It feels like I dipped my nose, lips, and chin in acid and then gave myself sunburn. I have the rash all over my face, chest, and back. And my entire scalp just hurts.

Clindamycin lotion has been prescribed for my face and chest, but what do I do about the scalp? I've read everything from Head & Shoulders to baby shampoo. Nothing has been prescribed for this, so I guess I'll wait til I talk to my chemo nurse.

But I'll take it as a sign that the chemo is working and doing its job. If I'm getting the side effects, then this is working!

This is the off week. I go back to chemo next week Tuesday, May 5th!

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