Friday, April 10, 2015

PET results, MRI results, Chemo Plan

April 10th, 2015
Met with Dr Rooney this morning. He's super pissed at MRI people for scheduling me the night before and not getting it read on time for him. So he'll call me via phone later today or on Monday as soon as he "calls them and yells at them and they get him a report."

The PET shows the mets "vaguely" and he would normally call this non-diagnostable. However, since we KNOW it's there because the human eye can see smaller than any scan in existence and the biopsies proved it was there on the microscopic level, and since the PET shows it "vaguely" and my CEA is still elevated, he's comfortable with moving forward with chemo as we do have a barometer to measure against. He wishes in some ways that it was more black and white as a measuring tool, however, he's also very happy that it didn't come back as horrific.

My wound however is still red hot healing. This means he'd rather not use Avastin at all this round. Not that I will definitely need another round of chemo, but why put us up against a brick wall when we don't have to. IF we start the Avastin, I could have my scars open up and then there's no chemo until I'm fully healed which he views as dangerous if the cancer decides to dial up the progression.
SO...FOLFOX is where we will start because, while FOLFIRI is just as effective it also lands people in the hospital due to dehydration from uncontrollable diarrhea and that diarrhea would make it hard to work as well. FOLFOX with cetuximab. My KRAS gene testing said that my biopsies are mutation negative.

Tracy is Dr Rooney's infusion specialist nurse and she will be calling me to schedule my first chemo treatment in the next week or two. Any work scheduling issues I have, she will assist me with. I'm pretty sure my work will be nice to me. I'm not going to ask for many changes. I just want 8-4:30 Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays, so I can get to chemo suite if I need to. Keep my Tuesdays off, and change my Wednesdays from 10-8:30 to 8-6:30 for my 10 hour day or make Friday my 10 hour day so I don't want to kill someone and so I still have time to get to cancer center if I need to.
And of course, I'll still work Saturdays.

As soon as Tracy schedules me, I'll know what my weeks on chemo will be as it will be every two weeks!

I feel really good about this because I'm ready to kick its ass back to NED. I didn't like the idea of waiting and waiting and waiting until it grows. What if it grew past the point of treatment?!

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